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mobile pay

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Pay

How many times have you tried to make a purchase only to realize you’re not carrying cash? Now think about how many times you have had to turn away a ...
Jul 08, 2020 Payments, Mobile
benefits of online reviews

6 Undeniable Benefits of Online Reviews

As a business owner, you’ve probably wondered: Does my business have any online reviews? What are my customers saying about my business? And you ...
Jul 06, 2020 Reviews, Online Reviews
mobile credit card reader

6 Perks of a Mobile Credit Card Reader for Small Business

When was the last time you had to turn away a customer because they didn’t have the correct form of payment? Regardless of your answer, the goal ...
Jul 03, 2020 Payments, Payment Processing, Mobile
online presence management

A Simple Guide to Online Presence Management

Pick up your mobile phone and search for your business on Google. What comes up? Are you happy with the results you see? If not, it might be time for ...
Jul 01, 2020 Reviews, Customer Reviews, Reputation Management
mobile payments for small business

Mobile Payments for Small Business

Mobile is on the rise -- and not just with younger generations. The mobile revolution is all-encompassing -- it has permeated every age bracket, ...
Jun 29, 2020 Payments, Payment Processing, Mobile
online reputation management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Remember when you were in middle school and a few kids made up a rumor about you or a friend. Whether it was true or not, the rumor spread like ...
Jun 26, 2020 Reviews
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